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About CW Design, LLC

CW Design, LLC is a boutique design firm that transforms kitchens, baths, and other home spaces into inspirational settings for living well. Our award-winning, published works feature a classic design sense that provides the foundation for many styles.

CW Design, LLC helps homeowners and developers face the challenges of creating kitchens, baths, and other home spaces that are both practical and beautiful. Our goal is to transform interiors—whether a busy kitchen, a quiet bathroom retreat, or a work or family space—into highly functional and beautiful work and living spaces. We strive to make the remodeling experience an enjoyable one. To that end we help you with every aspect of design, budgeting, sourcing materials, and project management. We work with eclectic styles, from period traditional to contemporary and transitional, with an emphasis on clean lines and classic design sensibilities. We collaborate with clients to realize their vision and take it from conception to reality.

After many years in high-tech management, Cassia returned to her roots in the arts. She holds a Masters in Arts Administration from NYU, and a certificate in Decorative Arts and Kitchen and Bath Design from the Boston Architectural College. She has traveled extensively, speaks Italian, and has been influenced and inspired by the wonderful, eclectic world of art and design. After working in a local custom kitchen showroom, she founded CW Design, LLC to address all aspects of home design, with a particular expertise in kitchens, bathrooms, and built-in furniture. Cassia’s award-winning work has been featured in local and national publications, and she has participated in product reviews, professional panels, and as a judge for kitchen and bath design contests. Cassia is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), and was certified an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer.

Why Hire a Kitchen Designer?

The technology and materials involved in designing and specifying kitchens and baths have grown exponentially in the last decade. So too have the needs of the client. Kitchen and Bath Designers have both the technical and design expertise to translate your unique living requirements into a design that reflects both excellent design sensibilities and practical, functional solutions. CW Design works with interior designers, architects, and contractors to ensure the highest degree of attention has been paid to the details and design of your project.

About Cassia Wyner
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